more impressions of the right to the city congress

urbanists of all towns of the world met at hamburg this weekend and talked about the beauty and the horror of the cities they live in.
at least it felt like that, over 600 people attended the congress and where part of more than 50 panels, workshops and outdoor-activities. through out the conference mile between rote flora and gängeviertel people were chit-chatting and debatting along.
there was much talk of „internationals and internationalism“ but after some discussions we would like to suggest a new word: interurbanism. because it was mostly city-inhabitants meeting there and everybody took „city“ as a reference-point. and city is the virtual point where desires could meet, experiences could be exchanged, comparsions could be made comprehensible and differences were no fence but at least in the encounters we had a wonderful and enlighting moment to discuss.
thanks to the organisers and to the participants who all actually were just that: part of something which would have been nothing without them.
interurbanalism ahoi!